I’m a regular online casino player and moderator at the online casino player forum, Casinomeister then you may already know me as Simmo!. And if you don’t, then “hi”! I am based in the UK and I have played at over 100 online casinos over the past 10+ years or so.

I started out playing firstly at online casinos (back when it used Microgaming software) and I have played at each of the online casino groups you see on the website. I try to structure my reviews to accurately reflect my personal experiences – which are not all good, as I’m sure you’ll understand if you already play online! If you want to see where I play most regularly, then my favourite casinos page is where you should probably start out.

On every page of Online Casino UK you will see a selection of online casinos down the right hand column. In many instances these are relevant to the content of the article or page you are on but once again please note that they are all safe casinos and trustworthy names, even if they aren’t immediately recognisable. In fact, some are better than the big brand names you will know, so it’s worth shopping around a little.

I hope you find the site useful and if you have any individual concerns, feedback or questions, I will do my best to answer them if you email me on [email protected] this site.


So where do I play now?

Good question! With over 100 online casinos under my belt I guess it makes sense that the ones I still play today are the ones I’d recommend. If you want to drop me a line please feel free, as long as it’s a) not commercially motivated and b) not asking how you win – because (trust me on this) I really don’t know!


Happy hunting!




UK Regulation & Licensing
One thing I would like to point out is that, as of October 2014, a casino must be licenced in the UK to advertise and accept custom from UK-based players. Obviously this is about tax revenue as much as it is about player protection but to be honest, I don’t see this as a bad thing. I’d much rather taxes were raised from “luxury” items and passtimes than essential goods and services.

What this does mean however is that some casinos I have played and which I consider to be very good are not on this site.