With the improvements in mobile broadband, the iPad-lead upsurge in tablet usage and (finally!) some mobile games that don’t look they were first made for the Commodore 64, it is only natural that the mobile casino should be starting to get more attention. The first mobile casino was launched around 2006 – I remember seeing a demo at the ICE Exhibition in London of the Spin 3 offering which was a tie-in with Microgaming who make the industry leading software you see at many of the top online casinos and while it was novel, it didn’t leave you feeling like you needed to have it.

Things have moved on a long way since then with HTML5 technology meaning most mobile casino games are now embedded within branded apps as seen and can run cross-platform on iPhones, iPads, android smartphones and tablets and Windows handhelds.  I decided to take a closer look at the mobile casinos offered by some of the more popular UK casinos and see where we are at.

While originally, mobile casinos were pretty much limited to Blackjack, Roulette and the odd 3 reel slot, things have moved on a bit and the games choice continues to improve. Several of the casinos featured in my online casino reviews now offer a mobile casino to punters and on the whole, these are starting to look pretty good. The games are accurate representations of the games you see online, although in some instances the video graphics are replaced with animations, simply due to restrictions in bandwidth.


Recommended Mobile Casinos

Below are a couple of brief reviews of mobile casinos (android / iPad / iPhone) I have tried and now added to the Online Casino UK website.

Microgaming’s original mobile games software was the first I played, on my Nokia N95 brick of a phone, quite a few years back now. I was surprised to find that the games had to be downloaded individually (at that time) but the games on offer in the mobile version were attempting to look identical to those found in the main Microgaming software…with limited success!

Since then however, Microgaming casinos have adopted the HTML5 mobile x-platform games and now, the old ones feel dated by comparison. You can play some excellent slots like Immortal Romance, Avalon and Thunderstruck (1 and 2) plus table games like Blackjack and European Roulette, some Video Poker and the progressive slot Mega Moolah (or via iPads and iPhones in a browser) with more mobile games being added every month. It’s easy to use compared to some other mobile software I’ve played but the fact it is Microgaming-only as a bit of a restriction.

Talking of Playtech, a number of mobile casinos use their mobile software (also written in HTML5 and therefore cross-platform) and while this software still has a few minor growing pains, it’s likely to turn out as one of the best mobile casino platforms in the months and years to come. It looks great, the games choice is growing and it will be good but right now, the implementation needs some tweaking in my opinion.